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  1. Find the knowledge level of students before lecturing a topic is easy with fast quiz maker like marksplus
  2. Help the students remember the most important elements from a lecture, by running a quiz which can be made in different formats as need by marksplus( quiz maker) that is best to make a quiz that reviews the lecture in a fun and engaging way
  3. Help find any weaknesses in my own education plans
  4. As I can create  quiz with marksplus fast quiz maker it Give me an opportunity to dive into topics where the majority of the students answered wrong as I can create quiz for each topic

5. Give the students the opportunity to create their own quizzes and in this way learn a topic through research, presentation and play each other’s quizzes and hence student create quiz and play quiz a lot.

6. Run a survey on students’ attitude which can be of great help to teacher when they make a quiz

7. I also create quiz to Let the majority of students decide which of several topics should be lectured more in detail are various poll which can also be made with marksplus(quiz maker)

8. No more frog of the well, marksplus connect people all around the word learning or exploring same topics hence they all can compete to know who is the best

9. Easy to answer doubt asked by student as marksplus offers different ways to ask question

10. Appropriate Multiple-Choice Tests Can Foster Test-Induced    Learning hence using a fast quiz maker is of great use in class

11. Playing quiz Enhances the Transfer of Learning so we can make a quiz to Enhances the Transfer of Learning.

12. Playing quiz Can Strengthen Short-Term Memory for Cross-Language Information hence we can use quiz for learning languages by creating quiz on it with marksplus

13. Active Retrieval Promotes Meaningful Learning

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